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Hi! ... I'm Dave Wright and I've been helping traders just like you for over 40 years
And I can help make YOU the Pro you've always aimed for with this new
Video Trading Series designed to bundle the BEST of our methods
into a simple step by step


to help you generate a consistent Daily Income right from the start

If you have subscribed to ANY of my methods in the past, this is the Couse for YOU!
What you will learn from this Series is how to mechanically
blend all our methods and techniques in real-time while we target our
daily WinGoal to deliver a pay check of up to $1,000 Daily ...
You will learn by example as I review the trades daily and
personally assist you in real time over the coming weeks.
You won't want to miss all the BRAND NEW material that is included!

This is a no-nonsense course that works with a Money Back Guarantee.
Together we'll develop your own personal Master Trading Plan. 

With the Master Trader course Series of Videos and Live coaching, you'll learn the
Master Trading techniques for the most powerful tool you'll have trading
The Trade of the Day and our amazing GoldFinger family of methods...
all fully revealed including the special custom indicators developed for
TradeStation, NinjaTrader and Sierra charting packages.

For example, The Hawk technique targets a quick 4 tics on the mini ES, and 6 tics on the mini NQ.
GoldFinger and the MidasTouch technique will target 6 to 10 tics on the ES and NQ.
And you will learn how to find the Trade of the Day which has averaged over 5 full points everytime.
This BRAND NEW material will help instill the confidence you need to make yourself
a Daily Income within only an hour or two ... it's all a matter of habit
for our
two best trading Windows:  The Early Bird action plus the opening 60 minutes!
That's all it takes to become a Pro and I'll teach you how by example ...

With each session recorded, you'll not miss a thing.
You'll be able to review the day at your leisure.
By the time you are finished, you'll have an amazing library of training videos
specifically designed with all our methods and techniques ... something you'll want to
keep and review over and over.  

The subscription cost for the entire series is only $149 complete.
If you've lost or misplaced your manuals you can also obtain a replacement: 
The Video Series PLUS the required manuals and special custom indicators is
only $359 complete and comes with a money back satisfaction guarantee.

If you still have your old manual you DO NOT need to purchase a new one.
The Video Series alone is all you should need.

 Thanks for joining!
Dave Wright
519 657 7402




Sample Video ...

Here is a link where you can watch Video Number One in the series.  Check it out today and get back to me if you'd like to sign up for the FULL SERIES!   Copy and paste the link into your browser if it is not active ... Thanks ...